Rebecca Schiffman

Richard Serra, who was known for his monumental steel structures that challenged conventional notions of form and materiality, died on March 26.
The Guardian has published two reports raising questions about the authenticity and dating of four of Damien Hirst’s iconic formaldehyde sculptures.
Jamian Juliano-Villani's exhibition, 'It,' at Gagosian doesn't give easy answers, but gets us thinking.

Over the weekend, a mural appeared on the side of a residential building in Islington in North London. After speculation surrounding who the artist was blew up on social media,…

Last week, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) raided over thirty artist homes and studios across the country. The raids came on the heels of the

Roberta Smith, co-chief art critic of the New York Times, announced that after over 32 years and 4,500 reviews and essays, she is retiring.
A pro-Palestine group defaced a portrait of Arthur James Balfour at Trinity College.
Flaco, who escaped the Central Park Zoo in 2023, and died on February 23, spent the past year roosting freely in locations around the Park.