January 2019 Art News

In the first major museum exhibition of acclaimed emerging artist Jordan Casteel, at the Denver Art Museum, the artist offers 30 paintings that humanize their subjects.
Life in the Age of Rembrandt: Dutch Masterpieces from the Dordrecht Museum, on view at the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA), is the result of an innovative international partnership with Dordrecht Museum, The Netherlands. Spanning more than three centuries, Life in the Age of Rembrandt features 17th-century art from the Golden Age of Dutch painting and concludes with works of The Hague School of the late 19th-century. This exclusive exhibition, shown only in Columbus, Ohio, showcases some 90 works, including 40 masterworks, many paired with a related object such as a print, a coin, Delft ware or silver. All the works in the exhibition are on loan from the Dordrecht Museum, The Netherlands.
John Singleton Copley's Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mifflin (Sarah Morris) (1773) shows how a Quaker couple could show off their wealth while sticking to their principles.
Moments ago in Sotheby’s New York salesroom, Sir Peter Paul Rubens’s Nude Study of Young Man with Raised Arms – one of the most important drawings by the iconic artist to appear on the open market in over 50 years – sold for $8.2 million after intense competition between two bidders during this morning’s sale of Old Master Drawings.
British Museum director Hartwig Fischer seems to have dashed the hopes of Greeks hoping to reclaim their cultural patrimony in a recent interview. Speaking with Greek newspaper Ta Nea, Fischer claimed that the famously disputed Parthenon friezes, also known as the Elgin Marbles, had been transformed by the British possession of these works: “When you move cultural heritage into a museum, you move it out of context. Yet that displacement is also a creative act,” he said.
Discover the sophisticated iconography and elegant naturalism of Michaelina Wautier's "Garland of Flowers."
This January, a living New York legend and awe-inspiring underground figure will present new work from his self-portraiture series. David Henry Nobody Jr is pleased to announce Fake Smears and Facial Food Fiascos, featuring photography, video and performance at Contra Gallery, 122 West 26th St, 6th Floor, New York, NY.
"There's a forensic quality to the way I look at the world." Meet Cameron Welch. We spoke to the Brooklyn-based artist in his studio about creating collages out of detritus, or what he sees as “evidence of life lived.” His work is a part of AMERICAN AFRICAN AMERICAN, now on view at 450 Park Ave.
Air Ink is a brand of ink and ink-based art products made from industrial air pollution. Corrie and Nat sit down with the company's founder, Anirudh Sharma, and discuss what this product could mean for environmentalism and the future of art making.
What looks to be an antique medicine chest stuffed with sticks and seeds is, it turns out, an object that bridges the divide between science and religion. Many Victorians wanted to stick to their Christian faith, even as Mary Anning unearthed damning fossils and Charles Darwin published his theory of natural selection, so they hedged their bets, as it were, becoming amateur naturalists—quaintly pasting seaweed and flowers into albums—while remaining loyal to their Sunday School stories.
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