March 2020 Art News

In Hollywood's Golden Age, hand-painted backdrops played a vital role in the magic of movies, creating cities, sunsets, or any other setting a director could imagine.
Art imitates life. But when ordinary life seems to be on hold, it’s time to imitate art.
Peter Schade, the Head of the Framing department at the National Gallery, shows the process of creating six huge matching frames for the Titian: Love Desire Death exhibition. Matthias Wivel, Curator of 16th-century Italian paintings, and curator of the exhibition, discusses how these frames complement the paintings, known as Titian's 'poesie'. Watch the process of these frames being created, from workshop to exhibition. This includes sourcing materials, planing, carving, gilding, and toning the frames.

On March 25, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the hotly contested $2 trillion stimulus plan, which includes provisions for arts organizations and museums, and the House of Representatives is expected to pass the bipartisan bill Friday. The move, however, is a bittersweet response for art and museum institutions, as funding levels are still far from what is needed to bail out museums suffering from COVID-19-related shutdowns.

It’s the kind of discovery that those who haunt museums and libraries dream of: a long-forgotten or over-looked object reveals itself to be something more valuable and meaningful than previously thought.
Films about “great” male artists like Picasso and Van Gogh abound, but if you look hard and dig deep enough you’ll find films about great women artists, some well-worth watching, others, not so much.
The current perception that Afghanistan has always been a war-torn backwater ignores the facts, including a rich history of craftsmanship as evidenced by the synonymous association of quality with an Afghan carpet.
Project Angel Food is pleased to announce that the grantLOVE project and Oscar de la Renta have joined forces with us to raise funds for our COVID-19 Emergency Food Fund.
If art is your passion, there are innumerable ways to scratch that itch from home, for the craft and non-crafty alike. Here are five recommendations.
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