June 2020 Art News

As art exhibitions have begun to reopen amidst the continuing coronavirus pandemic, we’ve discovered that a number of American galleries are highlighting abstraction, even though figuration is what’s generally trending today. 

Whether it’s a stylistic shift or merely a coincidence, we’ll have to wait and see in order to further evaluate, but what we can uncover now is that regardless of gender or age, abstraction still holds a fascination with artists and continues to convey a pictorial language that takes viewers beyond their day to day existence.

For six weeks in 2011, visitors to room 20 of the Parisian Musee d'Orsay didn't know what to look at first—Gustave Courbet's L'Origine du Monde (1866), or the woman copying it at a nearby easel.
In new community guidelines released this week, Facebook announced a new policy meant to halt the sales of looted artifacts on its platform.
Influenced by the movements of color field and action painting, Francine Tint’s paintings are the result of a process of disclosure, drawn from her own life events, dreams, and literature.
From the anatomical features of Da Vinci to the fractured features of modernist portraiture, the human head has reigned supreme in Art History.
In times of great uncertainty, artists are lighting the path towards salvation. One of those is Costas Picadas, creating bridges between art and science to heal and remind us what we are made of.
A recently botched restoration of a once beautiful painting of the Virgin Mary is proving once again why it’s best to leave some tasks to the experts.
The artist invites us into her studio to give a glimpse of her life during quarantine, her creative process, and share her hopes for the future.
As a jewel or as a weapon, from China to Mexico, passing through India and New Zealand, jade has influenced the political, social, and economic life of many different cultures around the world.
The American Museum of Natural History today announced that it has requested that the Theodore Roosevelt Equestrian Statue, which sits on New York City public park land in front of the Museum’s Central Park West entrance, be moved.
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