February 2021 Art News

In time for spring, celebrated Asian sculptural painter, Zhuang Hong Yi, will unveil his newest works in the highly anticipated solo exhibition titled Essence. Launching HOFA Gallery, London, on 8 March the show is centered on the artist's message of hope and positivity, conveyed by the mesmerizing intensity and emotiveness of colors inspired by nature.
The French occupation of Rome is the subject of a new exhibition in the city—Napoleon and the Myth of Rome (curated by Claudio Parisi Presicce, Massimiliano Munzi, Simone Pastor, and Nicoletta Bernacchio).

She’s been a major figure in contemporary art for over twentyfive years; he pioneered a radical new style known as Expressionism. Step inside this landmark exhibition, in which Tracey Emin RA selects masterpieces by Edvard Munch to show alongside her most recent paintings.

Pace Gallery's online exhibition Lucas Samaras: Gestures and Constructions debuted twenty-two unique prints completed by Samaras over the past year.
This spring, the High Museum of Art will present Underexposed: Women Photographers from the Collection (April 17-Aug. 1), an exhibition featuring more than 100 photographs from the Museum’s collection, including many that have never before been exhibited.
The inscription, scrolled in tiny letters across the painting's top left corner, reads “Can only have been painted by a madman!” The inscriber’s identity has been a source of debate for decades.
As Rome again emerges from lockdown and the city’s archaeological sites and museums reopen, a new exhibition is on show at the Colosseum. Rome’s famous amphitheater is host to Pompei 79 d.C. Una Storia Romana (curated by Mario Torelli), which explores the relationship between the capital of the Roman empire and the ancient town of Pompeii.
This Spring, Phillips presents a rare opportunity to view the smoking room ‘Les Palmiers’, designed by Jean Dunand from 1930-1936 for the Parisian apartment of Mademoiselle Collette Aboucaya on rue de Monceau.
Throwing open the doors to her personal archive that she has closely guarded for the past twenty-seven years, Kara Walker (b. 1969) presents hundreds of drawings from her studio.
Illuminate Coral Gables (ICG), a new public art initiative focusing on the intentional use of light and technology to transform public art by day into magical and mysterious work at night, will be on view through March 13, 2021.
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