March 2021 Art News

Created by Early Flemish painters and brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck, the 589-year-old piece has an incredible history. It’s survived fires, more than a dozen thefts, botched cleanings, a stint in Austrian salt mines, disassembly, sale, and iconoclasm.
The exhibition features more than fifty prints curated from Watson’s extensive photographic archive that showcase the artist’s distinctive style, expert use of light and shadow, and the breadth of his fifty-year career.

Watch Darius Himes, the International Head of Photographs at Christie’s, discuss Post-War Street Photography, one of the reaches periods of creativity in American history. ‘In the post-war period of the 1950s, many Americans believed they were living in a paradise. As one writer has put it, “It was an era of almost unbelievable abundance, symbolized by rampant consumerism, car culture and suburban sprawl.

Two new digital tools have just gone live to bring the richness of the Louvre collections to the world’s fingertips—a platform that for the first time ever brings together all of the museum’s artworks in one place and a new and improved website that is more user-friendly, attractive and immersive.
The allegorical manifestation of "the four continents" is a visual staple of Western art from the colonial period and the eighteenth-century in particular. Used to uphold the idea of European superiority and justify colonialism itself, the iconography associated with each continent is deeply rooted in racism. 

Master artist Zao Wou-Ki was one of the titans of Chinese art in the post- war period. His energetic painting ‘13.02.62’, offered in our upcoming auction Beyond Legends: Modern Art Evening Sale (18 April | Hong Kong), is from the artist’s powerful 'Hurricane Period’ when he arrived at the pinnacle of his career. Discover how Zao perfectly fused Eastern culture with Western modernism, bringing dynamic inspiration to this work.

Bartolo—known better as Morgante—was the sharp and quick-witted “buffoon” of Cosimo I’s court (1537 to 1569). In 1555, Cosimo I granted Morgante a ducal privilege in which he is defined as “our most beloved servant.”
I'm essentially self-taught in all creative endeavors from music to photography. And now I'm learning how to run a gallery as they say via "the school of life."

My Brother Jesus by Jarrett Lee Conaway is a short film presented by Film Independent x Netflix Film.

After an unorthodox painting of Jesus goes viral, the artist and his muse discuss its significance in the wake of BLM protests in Richmond, Virginia.

Correspondances, an exhibition based around the art of Gérard Garouste and philosophical conversations with Marc-Alain Ouaknin will open on March 25 until May 22 at Templon’s Grenier-Saint-Lazare space.
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