April 2021 Art News

Catalina Chervin (b. 1953, Argentina) depicts what the human mind intuits rather than what the eyes see — replacing empirical knowledge with subconscious feeling.
Marc Glimcher, CEO and President of Pace Gallery, announced this week that the gallery will begin representing Jeff Koons exclusively worldwide. Jeff Koons is among the world’s most influential and iconoclastic living artists.
In 1881, nearly a century after the United States defeated Great Britain in 1783, Massachusetts businessman Chester Chapin commissioned a statue to commemorate America’s centennial.
Really Free is the first major presentation of her work in more than twenty years and the first to consider her practice as a radical act of self-expression and liberation in the post-civil rights-era South.

Ahead of New York’s upcoming Contemporary Art Evening auction, Grégoire Billault, Head of New York’s Contemporary Art Department, and David Galperin, Head of New York’s Contemporary Art Evening Sales, come together to discuss a highlight of the marquee event: Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Versus Medici. Painted in 1982, when the artist was just 22 years old, Versus Medici is among Basquiat’s most forceful visual challenges to the Western art establishment.

Now, at eighty-six, she is getting her due, with a heralded retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum called Both/And, which follows the comprehensive anthology of her writing, Writing in Space, 1973–2019, published by Duke University Press in 2019.
Manufactured colors seem to have a knack for generating online buzz as well as confusion. Created in 2014, Vantablack has been the subject of headlines for a while and even acted as an integral piece of a 2019 BMW campaign.
Featuring a dynamic combination of graffiti drawings, paintings, sculptures, collectible objects, furniture, and augmented reality projects, KAWS: WHAT PARTY presents a twenty-five-year survey of the popular artist’s most momentous artworks.
The National Gallery of Art, Washington, announced that the West Building will reopen to the public on Friday, May 14. Free, timed passes will be required. Passes will be released each Monday at 10:00 a.m. for the following week.
In his debut, solo exhibition, Garage Sale: Ain’t Sh!t Gucci, Harlem-based Conceptual Artist, Sean “Belchez” Cort offers his perspective on the positioning of black and brown bodies as commodities, through the lens of an American garage sale.
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