March 2022 Art News

The Savannah College of Art and Design proudly announces the appointment of Daniel S. Palmer as the new chief curator of the SCAD Museum of Art. The announcement coincides with SCAD MOA’s 10th-anniversary celebration, occasioning a bold new era for the premier teaching museum.
Exclusively curated by museum security guards, Guarding the Art features nearly thirty works of art handpicked from the Baltimore Museum of Art collection.
As a special experience brought to viewers by the founders of the Khaleeji Art Museum, Museum in the Sky is a digital gallery walk-through. Created in partnership with Emirates airlines, its creators say it will highlight art and artists of the Arab Gulf States.
The Hunt for the Unicorn Tapestries, cartoons made in Paris, woven in the Southern Netherlands, c. 1495–1505, wool, silk, metal threads (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), including, • The Hunters Enter the Woods, 368.3 x 315 cm • The Unicorn Purifies Water, 368.3 x 378.5 cm • The Unicorn Crosses a Stream, 368.3 x 426.7 cm • The Unicorn Defends Himself, 368.3 x 401.3 cm • The Unicorn Surrenders to a Maiden, 198.1 x 64.8 cm • The Hunters Return to the Castle, 368.3 x 388.6 cm • The Unicorn Rests in the Garden, 368 x 251.5 cm speakers: Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker.
Here's what archaeology graduate programs are really like! There is no one kind of archaeologist to be and the directions that your studies can take you are too numerous to count. Archaeology is a diverse field with countless sub-disciplines and research specialties, and yes, there is always something new to find.
Sando Botticelli’s Primavera, or Allegory of Spring, while pleasant to look at, conceals a complex meaning that, even to this day, scholars are still not in agreement about
As I edge out of almost-post-pandemic confusion and lethargy, three books have awakened my curiosity and steered it in very different directions, together navigating the treacherous shoals of the twentieth-century art world.
Although cast and crew remain tight-lipped about most details concerning the nearly-here season 2 of Bridgerton, new lead costume designer Sophie Canale was still able to tell us a bit about what to expect from this round of garments.
This year’s event will feature forty of the most outstanding exhibitors in the US, specializing in fine art, design, antiques, Americana, folk art, ceramics, porcelain, silver, jewelry, textiles, and decorative arts.
Andy Warhol grew up skinny and badly-complected, but more pertinently Catholic and gay (conditions noticeably conjoined in art history) at a time when being either wasn’t welcome in mainstream America. 
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