January 2023 Art News

As empires fell and made way for nation-states, dissolving Medieval social structures, rapid industrialization led to the development of Realism, a period from the mid-to-late nineteenth century that rejected the conservative and elitist structure of the Neoclassical movement that had ruled since the Renaissance.
This past week, the fashion house of Schiaparelli debuted their couture collection featuring surrealist forms, realistic animal busts, and kitsch designs
So much of what we know about art comes from art historians, but how much do we know about the art historians themselves?
Over the centuries, Chinese artists have created a variety of objects based on or embellished by the twelve animals: mirrors, jade and terracotta statuettes, vases, and paintings.

Serving as an arguable transition from the mysticism of religion-based scientific belief into modern science, alchemy bridges the gap between the spiritual and the physical.

In the late 1930s, the skies across Europe darkened as the world prepared for war. Beyond the efforts to save civilians in World War II, countries also took steps to protect art and architecture. In Italy, famous monuments such as the column of Trajan in Rome and St.

The bustle was a fashion accessory in Victorian Europe's upper-class society throughout the nineteenth century. In its function, it replaced the hoop skirt to provide wealthy women with a desirable figure that exaggerated the curvature of the buttocks.

The Hugo Ball Prize is awarded once every three years by the German city of Pirmasens and can be given to writers, artists, and publishers. This year, it was awarded to filmmaker and video artist, Hito Steyerl.

Occasionally, the adage “There’s nothing new under the sun” is wrong. 

The femme fragile was the product of its time: in the Victorian era, feminine weakness conveyed Godliness and mental purity.
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