February 2023 Art News

‘Rome of the Republic: The Story of Archaeology’ is a new exhibition at the Capitoline Museums in Rome. On display are fragments of the pediment of Temple A in Largo Argentina, an array of anthropomorphic statuettes from the votive deposit at Minerva Medica, and some exceptional architectural terracottas from a temple on the via Latina.

The contemporary pastoral reverie known as cottagecore is one of the visual trends that has defined 2020.

Master of Glass: The Art of Dale Chihuly, a documentary about the world-renowned glass artist, premiered on the Smithsonian streaming service on December 11th.

J.M.W Turner is known for his unique form and prodigious talent; he is known as one of the greatest British painters of all time. 

Between 1933 and 1945, millions of artworks and artifacts were stolen as a result of Nazi persecution, especially from Jewish owners, and Nazi looted art cases are still at large.

Born out of the Russian Revolution in 1917, Constructivism challenged notions of creation versus construction in the art world.

Celebrated signature event features new exhibitions at the SCAD Museum of Art and programming with international contemporary artists, including a keynote conversation with honoree Jorge Pardo.
Copying within the context of the art world has evolved over the centuries. What was once understood as a vital tool for study and learning is now often perceived, especially by laymen, as a kind of cheating. Even so, copying sometimes is ethically questionable.

Ivan Aivazovsky was a Russian Romantic painter. He is considered to be one of the greatest masters of marine art. Aivazovsky, born in 1817 in Feodosia, Crimea was the son of an Armenian merchant named Konstantin Gaivazovsky. He and his family migrated from Western Armenian in the seventeenth century, eventually settling down in Feodosia. Though baptized under the name Hovhannes Aivazian at the St.

The Gordon Parks Foundation recently opened Bisa Butler: Materfamilias, an exhibition of new textile based works by Bisa Butler. This show, the culmination of Butler’s 2022 Gordon Parks Foundation Fellowship, fuses Butler’s quilt-making practice with the photography of Gordon Park

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