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Art & Object Marketplace: A New Way to Buy Art Online

Art & Object

Art & Object has unveiled a new online platform that will redefine the art-buying experience. Art & Object Marketplace is designed for seasoned and new collectors as well as art enthusiasts, allowing visitors to effortlessly buy art online from a curated selection of work from galleries across the country. 

Meticulously hand picked by the Art & Object team, the featured galleries showcase a diverse array of artistic styles, periods, and price points. Whether you’re drawn to contemporary works, vintage prints, exquisite design objects, or historical portraits, Art & Object’s Marketplace is your gateway to a rich tapestry of artistic expression.

Art & Object

Homepage of Art & Object Art Marketplace

Adapting to the increasingly digital art world, Art & Object Marketplace positions itself with a mission to “make art collecting accessible to all and to drive the conversation about art" according to Jeremy Howell, Managing Director of Art & Object. 

This accessibility functions as a way for both seasoned and newcomer collectors to participate in the often intimidating world of art acquisition. Howell suggests that the platform aims to eliminate the usual obstacles associated with buying art, presenting it as an affordable alternative – wouldn’t you like to have a unique artwork, whether by an emerging artist or a historical work at an affordable price point?

Most visitors are probably wondering: How can I buy something that I like? The answer is simple: Buyers can simply add works to purchase to their shopping cart as they would on most online stores. Art & Object's secure and simple checkout process helps to make buying art easier than ever.

Robin Hextrum, Anthropocene Still Life. Courtesy Abend Gallery
Courtesy Abend Gallery

Anthropocene Still Life

Artist: Robin Hextrum

Price: $1,100

Guest in the Rain Artist: Serge Marshennikov Price: $10,000.00
Courtesy Gallery 1261

Guest in the Rain

Artist: Serge Marshennikov

Price: $10,000.00

Luna Lee Ray, Rising Up
Courtesy Frank Gallery

Rising Up

Artist: Luna Lee Ray

Price: $550.00

Savoie, Heretofore Unknown
Courtesy Second Story Art


Artist: Heretofore Unknown

Price: $1,200.00

Peg Bachenheimer, Fall Garden, Up Close
Courtesy Frank Gallery

Fall Garden, Up Close

Artist: Peg Bachenheimer

Price: $400.00

Ana Hefco, S Donut Kill My Vibe #6
Courtesy Abend Gallery

S Donut Kill My Vibe #6

Artist: Ana Hefco

Price: $325.00

To that end, Art & Object has partnered with one of the premier art shipping solutions in the country, Arta, to facilitate both its quotes and delivery for works. “Buyers can rest assured that their art will arrive safely and quickly,” says Howell.

The aim of the Marketplace is to have the best galleries from across the country, according to Howell. Given the galleries already represented on the site, and with many more on the way, the Marketplace will be a space to watch in the growing community of online art platforms. 

Visit Art & Object Marketplace Here

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