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Whether the outsourcing of an analog lifestyle came swiftly, or took its sweet time, it’d be difficult to argue against our dependency on technology that we collectively face today. By way of the screen’s ever-present conveniences— paired with their data-driven subliminal messages— the critique of overexposure to blue light has also become somewhat mainstream. 
Skillfully designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art highlights the beauty of its art and surroundings, nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Bentonville, Arkansas. 
Conjuring Tenderness: Paintings from 1987, an exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Hugh Steers (1962–1995), recently opened at New York’s Alexander Gray Associates. 
Instagram has proven to be the dominant social media platform for artists to share their work online. However, with millions of artists posting, it can be a challenge to discover ones with truly compelling pieces. In this slideshow, we wanted to highlight seven exceptional emerging women artists who are worth following.
Despite a series of scandals that left the public unsure of its continuance, German mega-exhibition Documenta has just announced the new selection committee in charge of finding their next artistic director. Taking place every five years in Kassel, Germany, Documenta had an original committee for the 2027 show that resigned en masse after serious allegations of anti-semitism. 
Twenty years ago, Los Angeles-based high school painting teacher Jennifer Rochlin accepted a $10,000 grant to teach ceramics, despite one minor setback: she had never touched clay. Yet, this summer, Rochlin adorns Hauser & Wirth’s 22nd Street location with a series of memory-laden terracotta vessels, each a heap of unabashedly spirited, cinematic recollections and testaments to her own bohemian actualization. 
To the much overused truism about death and taxes, another certainty can be added: dig anywhere in Rome and you will find ancient ruins. Within the basements of modern city apartment blocks, restaurants, and churches, the walls and floors of earlier buildings are found in abundance. 
The Contemporary Jewish Museum (The CJM), whose ultramodern blue steel superstructure— fused with a 19th century power plant— has become an iconic part of San Francisco’s skyline, recently launched its first open-call exhibition, the California Jewish Open.
Westwood World: The Personal Collection kicked off at Christie’s London yesterday evening and brought in roughly half a million pounds during the auction’s opening segment.
“Tattoo. Tales from the Mediterranean” is a captivating exhibition currently on display at the MUDEC— the Museum of Cultures in Milan, Italy— that invites visitors to investigate the past and present of the art of tattooing in the Mediterranean basin. 
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