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Last Monday saw the return of The Portal, a large live-streaming video installation that connects New York City to Dublin.
While audiences have always loved a good biopic, finding the stories of artists and other changemakers particularly fascinating, gender bias has often led female creators to be downplayed as lovers, muses, or props to talented men.
Despite the market’s slight lull in comparison to the last few years, Christie’s, Sotheby's, and Phillips had their annual May marquee sales and ended up, for the most part, within their estimated
A “must see” during any visit to Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum showcases amazing masterworks from all over the world.
Britain’s Charles III has unveiled his first official portrait since he was crowned king a little over a year ago.
Petrit Halilaj dedicates his new installation, Abetare, to “kids who always know how to bring a brighter future,” as his belief in childlike wonder reigns over New York City’s skyline. Raised as Serbian forces decimated his hometown in Kosovo, Halilaj credits psychologist Giacomo Poli for birthing his passion for art while in an Albanian refugee camp.
Born in Austin, Texas in 1984, the Haas Brothers— twins, Nicolai and Simon—started their career as an artistic duo in 2010. Their practice merges the worlds of fine art and functional design, though some of that function still falls within an artistic license, like that of their lamps whose bulbs are meant to dim.
There typically would be great anticipation leading up to Christie’s 20th and 21st Century Evening Sales, as works by Basquiat, Keith Haring, Monet, Ed Rusche, Van Gogh,
As spring settles in, another Met Gala has come and gone. However, this year’s annual benefit sparked some conversations challenging celebrity-watch culture amidst a time of serious political strife. How did what was once referred to as the “Oscars for the East Coast” suddenly amass this squabble? 
Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Independent returns to Spring Studios in Tribeca—New York’s liveliest arts district—for the 2024 edition of the art fair, featuring works by more than 130 artists presented by over 85 galleries and nonprofits.
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