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Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) has moved some key pieces from their women's-only exhibition into the restroom after a court ruled they had to allow men in the exclusive “Ladies Lounge.” 
In 2017, the mysterious final painting by Leonardo da Vinci became the most expensive painting ever sold when it left Christie’s New York for a whopping $450 million. The more than generous price tag may have seemed fair at a distance, but shocked those who knew the painting’s tumultuous backstory. 
The drop-down title poem by June Jordan begins with, “these poems/ they are things that I do/ in the dark/ reaching for you/ whoever you are/ and/ are you ready?” The sentiment that this 1977 “These Poems” begins with is one that speaks to connection, whether that be in a community, to history, or with oneself. 
Location, as any real estate agent will tell you, plays an essential role in the potential success or failure of a business maintaining a brick and mortar operation in conjunction with an online presence. 
Malaysian-born gallerist LaiSun Keane arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in 2013 with her husband and two kids. They moved to New England from Sydney, Australia where Keane had studied art history and theory.
Tiziano Vecello, otherwise known as Titian, is estimated to set a new record for his twice-stolen painting at Christie’s Old Masters sale held in London on July 2nd.
The most important art fair worldwide, Art Basel is hosting 285 of the world’s leading galleries from 40 countries and territories in its 2024 edition at the Messe Basel, in the center of a colorful city on the Rhine River in Switzerland. 
If one were to receive a dozen red roses, the meaning behind it would be no secret— it’s a sign of love. But, has this foral symbol always been so well-known? 
It seems that the Orlando Museum of Art (OMA) still finds itself embroiled in a messy scandal which shook the institution back in 2022. After 25 paintings on cardboard canvases were debunked as being Jean-Michel Basquiat forgeries and seized by the FBI, the OMA has been dealing with the subsequent consequences. 
In the preface to her groundbreaking book, All About Love, bell hooks writes, "Redeemed and restored, love returns us to the promise of everlasting life. When we love we can let our hearts speak.” 
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